Vision & Mission


Providing access to affordable, high-quality biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of serious diseases

Biosimilars are the drugs of the future – high-quality, cost-effective medications to treat serious diseases. This new generation of biopharmaceuticals will help to provide broad patient access to powerful therapies at an affordable price.

Already today, Formycon is an important player within this segment. Our ambition is to further strengthen our position and, as a leading independent developer of biosimilars, to assume a key role in this global market. In pursuing this ambition, we continuously position ourselves as a desirable, sought-after partner for major pharmaceutical and generic drug companies.

Building a strong and enduring pipelineOur biosimilar product pipeline currently includes four candidates in pre-clinical and clinical testing phases, two of them have already been out-licensed. License partner for FYB201 is Bioeq IP AG, a joint venture of Santo Holding AG and Polpharma Group. License partner for FYB203 is Santo Holding (Deutschland) GmbH.

Formycon has experienced strong support from the finance market and from our strategic partners, and our financial situation is resoundingly strong.

The experience and highly specialized expertise of our team and our company’s proven track record in biosimilar development provides us with unique opportunities to steadily and sustainably expand our biosimilar drug pipeline. We are working intensively, step by step carefully planned, to fill our product portfolio with new, high-potential biosimilar product candidates. Through our capabilities and resources, we strive to span the entire value creation chain, from early-stage originator product analysis all the way through to clinical trials and regulatory approval, putting us in a position to offer a complete, end-to-end development concept to our partners.

Sustainable and profitable growthWith this business strategy, we have laid the foundation for sustainable, long-term growth, thus also making Formycon an attractive employer for highly qualified staff.

In our product development activities, we are specifically focusing on the “third wave” of biosimilars, namely follow-on products for blockbuster biopharmaceuticals with patent expiries beginning in the year 2020. Because we have focused our efforts on this generation of biosimilars at a timely stage, Formycon has been able to carve out for itself a unique and leading position in this market space. Working closely together with our partner companies, we aim to remain at the forefront in this field as we bring our future biosimilar products through to regulatory approval and market launch.

Benefitting patientsThrough its commitment to high-quality, affordable biosimilar drugs, Formycon assumes responsibility for patients and becomes an important player in the healthcare sector. In an era when medications are becoming ever more expensive, posing a financial challenge even to the world’s wealthiest nations, we are doing our part to make these powerful and effective therapies available to all patients.

The highly regulated markets of the U.S., Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia are our core target regions. In addition we also see it as our mission to develop more affordable but nevertheless top-quality drugs for the greater number of patients around the globe, producing and marketing these together with our partners.