Vision & Mission

Helping patients with safe, effective biologic drugs

Our aim and vision is to enable broad access to high quality, highly competitive biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of serious diseases.

Medicines of the future

Biosimilars are the drugs of the future. Through their proven efficacy, cost efficiency and high standard of quality, Biosimilar medicines are already making a major contribution towards enabling patient access to effective medical treatments.

Through our biosimilars, we will help not only patients around the world but also help to ease the financial strains on the world’s healthcare systems.

“Biological medicines are … complex and can be very expensive and time consuming to develop. This can limit patients’ access to such medicines, and can make it difficult for the healthcare system to afford them. Biosimilar medicines can improve patient access to such treatments.”

European Commission, Biosimilar Medicines: Information for Patients, 2016

Profitable and sustainable growth

We are already an important market player in the biosimilars segment. Our ambition is to further strengthen this position and to become an internationally significant player in the sense of a fully integrated and globally operating company in the growth segment of biosimilars. Based on the transaction in 2022 with ATHOS KG, Formycon expands its radius of action and thus accelerates sustainable growth by increasing future revenues of biosimilar candidates and a continuous expansion of the development pipeline.

Our late-stage biosimilar candidates focus on the “third wave” of biosimilars, meaning follow-on drugs to compete with established blockbuster biopharmaceuticals for which patent protection will begin expiring from the year 2020 onwards. Because Formycon began targeting these products at an early stage, the company is now uniquely positioned to lead the way into these new markets. Preclinical pipeline projects such as FYB206 and other potential biosimilar candidates target reference drugs whose legal protection periods expire at a later date.

“The market is well positioned to achieve a robust growth in the coming decade … Based on a very comprehensive analysis, we have projected the market to be worth USD 32 billion worldwide by 2025.”

Research and Markets,Global Biosimilars Market Report, 2015 – 2025

Strong pipeline

Building on the specialized expertise and long experience of our team, as well as our successful established track record in biosimilar development, we are able to evaluate further potential and promising biosimilar candidates for our pipeline.

Because Formycon spans the entire value chain – from early analysis to technical-pharmaceutical development and clinical trials, all the way through to preparation and submission of dossiers for regulatory approval – we are able to offer our partners a complete, end-to-end drug development concept.

“In the coming year, biosimilars will play an increasingly important role in the treatment of serious diseases ... and in keeping our health care system affordable.”

German Federal Ministry of Health, Report on Results of Pharmaceutical Dialog, 2016

Latest news

Formycon reports audited annual results for the financial year 2023 – Looking back on a successful operative year and exceeded guidance

Formycon AG today published audited figures and the annual report for the 2023 financial year and provides an outlook for 2024.

Formycon invites to the conference call on the results of the financial year 2023 and announces participation in international investor conferences in the 2nd quarter of 2024

Formycon AG today announced details of the conference call to release the results of the financial year 2023 on April 25, 2024.

Convincing overall performance – Formycon reports preliminary results for the financial year 2023 and exceeds forecast

Formycon AG today announced preliminary, unaudited consolidated figures for the 2023 financial year and overall looks back on the past year very positively.

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