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Leading biosimilar developer with unique expertise

Formycon is a world-leading, independent developer of high-quality biosimilars, meaning follow-on products to biopharmaceutical medicines already on the market.

Our focus is on treatments in ophthalmology and immunology as well as for other key chronic diseases. Our company’s activities span the entire range from technical- pharmaceutical development to clinical trials all the way through to preparation and submission of dossiers for regulatory approval.

We develop biosimilar medicines to meet the high standards of the world’s most stringently regulated markets: the European Union, the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia. We will continue to expand our position as a globally operating company in the growth market of biosimilars in line with our growth strategy.

Our unique advantage lies in the vast expertise of our scientists, our management and our board members. Through their long and distinguished careers, these scientific and business professionals have already, in their past work, successfully brought the world’s first biosimilars to market and bring comprehensive experience and expertise spanning all stages of their development – from market analysis and protein analytics, to the development of production processes, to clinical trials and the regulatory approval process.

A biosimilar medicine is a biologic drug that is highly similar to an approved biologic drug (or reference product) that is already being used to treat patients. Biosimilars have the same quality, efficacy and safety as their reference products. Through the biosimilars which we develop, Formycon strives to make a significant contribution to enabling the broadest possible patient access to these vital drugs – and bears social responsibility in this way.

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A scientific legacy spanning two decades



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