What makes Formycon unique


Formycon has the capabilities to develop biosimilars of the highest quality standards, which meet the stringent regulatory requirements of Europe, the U.S. and other highly regulated markets.

After the acquisition of Scil in 2012 and the appointment of Carsten Brockmeyer, PhD, as CEO in 2013, Formycon has taken a new business direction. The company’s roots date back to 1999, when executives and owners of Boehringer Mannheim (now part of Roche) founded Scil Technology GmbH under the roof of the Scil group. The management team which founded this new company already brought with them unique scientific expertise in the interdisciplinary development, and regulatory approval, of biopharmaceutical products.

With its management team headed by Carsten Brockmeyer, PhD, one of the world’s leading experts in biosimilars, Formycon has specialized and extraordinarily valuable expertise in the development of biosimilar products. Over the past decades Brockmeyer built up the Hexal Biotech business, successfully developing biosimilars for EPO, filgrastim and monoclonal antibodies.

Formycon also disposes of a team of business and scientific experts with a long and proven track record in the development of complex molecules and in the out-licensing of entire product lines to global pharmaceutical and medical corporations.

Formycon’s critically important strengths:

  • Professional pharmaceutical management combining scientific and business expertise with many years of experience in biosimilars development
  • Proven track record in successfully developing biopharmaceuticals
  • Experience in the critical areas of protein analysis and quality-controlled production (in compliance with GMP and pharmaceutical law)
  • Flexible, dynamic organization with own development laboratories and in-house management of third parties doing preclinical testing and clinical trials

These four qualitative strengths put Formycon in an ideal position to develop high-quality biosimilars that fulfill the stringent requirements of drug approval authorities in the most highly regulated countries and regions, such as Europe and the U.S. The company currently has four products in its development pipeline, two of them have already been out-licensed. License partner for FYB201 is Bioeq IP AG, a joint venture of Santo Holding AG and Polpharma Group. License partner for FYB203 is Santo Holding (Deutschland) GmbH.