Munich – Formycon, the independent biosimilar development company, today announced that the development of its third product has now commenced, which like its first two products aims to replicate an established biopharmaceutical drug. These products will be part of the so-called “third wave” of biosimilars, referring to the major, multi-billion-dollar blockbuster drugs created through biotechnology for indications in the areas of ophthalmology, autoimmune disease, and metabolic and blood clotting disorders for which patent protection will expire beginning in 2020. According to information from FirstWord Pharma, a respected provider of industry information, many of the biosimilar development teams within the major pharmaceutical groups are still concentrating their efforts on the first and second waves of biosimilars, where there is strong competition. Formycon, in contrast, has been able to position itself as the clear global leader within the highly lucrative market for biosimilar drugs for patents expiring starting in 2020.

Formycon sees a strong validation of its positioning, in particular, through recent remarks made by Teva, the world’s largest generics producer, whose top management has, in speaking to analysts, expressed its strong interest in this third wave of biosimilars. In the view of FirstWord Pharma, the remarks point to a shift in paradigm affecting the entire industry, as the firm writes in a recent report: “Teva is one of the first companies to openly discuss biosimilar opportunities beyond 2020, but due to limited opportunity within the current crop of biosimilar targets, it certainly won’t be the last.” There is, according to the report, broad agreement among all of the surveyed experts that it is, in view of the development lead times, far too late for investments into the second wave of biosimilars, and that companies need to focusing on biopharmaceuticals for which patents will be expiring in the year 2020 or beyond.

“The development of biosimilar drugs, and the building of a product portfolio therefrom, for the period starting in 2020 is precisely the business model of Formycon. We are gratified to hear that the market leader in generics has likewise put this ‘Agenda 2020’ for biosimilars on its radar. It demonstrates that the work we are doing is very closely aligned to market needs, and it validates the strategic direction that we put into place already one and a half years ago. Since the start of 2013, we have been working on the most significant biosimilar products of the third wave, enabling us to gain a significant head start. We see further confirmation of this in the strong interest in our product developments,” explains Dr. Carsten Brockmeyer, CEO of Formycon AG.

Formycon AG has already licensed out the first of the third-wave biosimilar candidates which it has developed to Santo Holding GmbH (Bioeq GmbH) and is currently in discussions for the out-licensing of further product candidates.